File Format

File Types


Required to be in FBX format, with textures and materials seperated out into png's.

Aim for FBX Files to be under 100kb, whilst keeping poly count low for mobile.

Textures & Ui Graphics

  • Max Size 1024x1024, exceptions for background
  • Ideally should be 512x512 for most assets.
  • Each file should have a width and height that is divisable by 4
  • Game Ready Assets should be .png's with transparency.
  • Stored .psd on OneDrive with exported asset layers only, and set to an export ready size.
  • PascalCase naming convention i.e. LevelSelectBorder.

Texture Compression

Set to highest quality, and for iOS/Android ensure compressor quality is set to highest aswell.

Only use the Alpha channel if it is required.

Win/Mac has errors with alpha textures so ensure at least using "DXT5" will fallback nicely to better supported compressions aswell.

OS Default Resolution Important, or artifacts
iOS PVRTC 4-bits 16 bit
Android ETC2 8 bits 16 bit
Win/Mac DXT5 16 bit


  • 5-10 frames max per animation sequence.
  • common animations must have same start/end frame (Allowing them to loop).
  • exported as image sequence, same limitation as Ui Graphics.


This project will be using Unity's built in Audio System.

This will allow Unity to compress the Audio based on platform, or use the .Ogg Vorbis and .Mp3 files provided as Unity will leave these as-is for mobile (Meaning the compressed file will not be recompressed).